Our Evolution


Our Past

Little Falls Foods began with the intention of feeding the people of Okanagan Falls, Kaleden & Heritage Hills. Since there is a wide range of people here with a wide range of tastes, we brought in a wide range of products. In reviewing suppliers' product lists, we tried to imagine the different people in the community and what they might have in their own pantries. With this sense of care for each person, we stocked the store with a broad range of products.

After nearly nine months in business, it’s obvious that some of the groceries we’re stocking don’t sell well at all. Even though our prices are very good, we haven’t gained traction with our conventional groceries (like Ritz, Campbell's, Robin Hood, Primo, Club House, etc.).

Our Future

What sells well for us is food that is high quality and healthful. So, we’re going to evolve to become a specialty food store with a focus on high quality, healthful foods. Besides carrying local produce in season, local dairy, eggs, and baked goods, we’ll also cater to specific dietary needs & offer upscale food products that are difficult to source. 

We are going to expand our selection of foods that are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Natural & Organic
  • Vegan
  • Low Carb & Low Sugar
  • Lactose Free
  • Locally Grown & Produced
  • Imported

We've talked with so many people who are diabetic, celiac, gluten free, vegan, or who eat exclusively organic foods. Changing our product mix in this way will help us to serve these people who find it difficult to access a range of foods when shopping.

With our online store, we will further expand our delivery area to serve a larger part of the Okanagan Valley. We’ll also begin shipping food (via Canada Post & courier).

And, to make your in-store experience even nicer, we’re going to bring in specialty coffees, teas, chocolates, & Italian desserts. We’ll be adding some tables and chairs and showcasing local artists’ work on our walls.

We’re staying true to our intention to feed the people of the Okanagan. And we’re very proud to be here.

Please buy our marked-down groceries (and hardware) while supplies last. We'll use the proceeds to fund our evolution.