About Us

We Care About Food & We Care About People

We are a locally-run, totally independent grocer bringing healthy, fresh food to the South Okanagan. We specialize in high-quality specialty foods:

  • gluten free
  • low carb
  • vegan
  • organic
  • lactose free
  • local foods, produce & baked goods
  • imported foods

We care about food and we care about people. If you think about it, we all interact with our environment through the foods that we eat. It's important that our food, and the farmers, food manufacturers, and shipping companies that bring the food to us are all respected. We care that food is fresh and as local as possible; and that food is cared for in transportation, storage, and handling. It is important to us that all ingredients are of the highest quality, and that very high standards of cleanliness are kept to ensure the safety of our customers. 

Whenever possible, we source food local to the Okanagan Valley, BC, and Canada. Where food quality is very high, we also source food internationally. We are very proud to support the South Okanagan community with food and work to build a stable local food economy benefitting us all. 

Our store front is a small space that is welcoming & vibrant. With our online store, we reach out to share specialty foods with the whole of the South Okanagan. We offer delivery from Summerland to Osoyoos & Keremeos. Shop online, by phone, or in-person. Groceries can be picked up in person or delivered to your door.

Watch a video about us here.

Do you know where our store name, 'Little Falls Foods' comes from?
'Little Falls' is the English translation of the Syilx language word for the falls that ae situated in Okanagan Falls. In Syilx, the word is 
When we were planning the store, we reached out to the community of Okanagan Falls with a store naming contest. This name was suggested by two long-time OK Falls residents. We feel that it is an excellent name to demonstrate our respect to the local First Nations people and to acknowledge the land where our store sits!


Reception with Panettone

Store Hours

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:30
Sunday Closed

Local Delivery
50 cents per km including Kaleden, Oliver, St. Andrew's, Willowbrook, Twin Lakes, & Heritage Hills.

Delivery to Osoyoos & Keremeos
Tuesdays 5-8 pm
Fridays 1-4 pm
3 hour order window
$10 delivery fee

Delivery to Penticton & Summerland
Tuesdays 1-4 pm
Fridays 5-8 pm
3 hour order window
$10 delivery fee