Cavendish Restaurant Style Fries


Cavendish Farms

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Ingredients: Potatoes • Vegetable Oil (Soybean Oil And/Or Canola Oil) • Wheat Flour • Modified Corn Starch • Rice Flour • Yellow Corn Meal • Salt • Baking Powder • Malted Barley Flour • Guar Gum • Sugars (Dextrose) • Sodium Phosphate (To Help Retain Colour). Contains: Wheat • Barley

These Skin-On Fries Are A True Favourite. Cavendish Farms Restaurant Style Drive Thru Fries Offer The Flavours Of Dining Out With The Comfort Of Staying In. Coated For Extra Crisp, They Take Only 10 Minutes To Cook And Give You The Drive Thru Taste You Crave, No Drive Thru Lineups Required. A Delicious Snack You Can Make At Home In No Time!