Attina Leccino "Rose" Pitted Olives

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450 g

Leccino is a plant with a dense canopy, extremely tolerant to low temperatures that usually requires other varieties of trees to pollinate it. The size of the drupes ranges from small to medium with an oval shape, the fruits mature early and get harvested when their color is purplish-black.

The Utility olive...
Leccino is grown either for oil, adding it to other blends in order to make them stronger, or for edible use, being extremely tasty and suitable for cooking.
The pitted Leccino variety is a perfect choice to garnish pasta, main courses or to enrich salads.
Leccino can be also dried by oven. In other words this quality is a perfect utility olive, perfect for all seasons...

Ingredients: olives, water, salt, acidity correctors: citric & lactic acid