Solleone Organic Sicilian Pasta Sauce

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325 ml
Traditional recipes that taste just like a homemade sauce. Cooked at low temperature for a sublime flavour. The only ingredient are fresh vegetables.

What makes our pasta sauces so special?

During the design phase of our pasta Sauces, our first, important objective was to convey a marked sense of freshness reminiscent of a home-made sauce. Moreover, we longed to please both the more delicate palates, such as those of children, with simple tastes, and the palates of gourmands, by pursuing rich, flavoursome sauces such as ragu, but with strictly vegetable ingredients. And we worked hard to achieve this: Solleone Bio pasta sauces are well-loved for their flavour that brings to mind the abundant freshness of a home-made product and can accommodate many different tastes, revisiting Italian and regional traditions.

Eggplants, zucchini and peppers, typical of Sicilian cuisine, added with tasty italian tomatoes create the delicious pasta sauce Sicilia. When we open the jar the flavour is fresh, the colour is a brilliant red and it has a pleasant and harmonious taste. To enjoy it fully: warm it in a non-stick pan and then blow up the dough. To taste you can sprinkle with Parmigiano Reggiano DOP grated and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


Chopped tomatoes* 66.5%, Eggplants* 8.5%, Zucchini* 7.8%, Peppers* 4.7%, EVO Oil*, Onions*, Tomatoes in flakes* 3%, Salt, Parsley*, Black pepper*.
*From organic agriculture.