Simply Keto "Original" Bread

Simply Keto


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550 g

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Simply Keto Yeast Bread "Original" Loaf, is made from alternative flours and fibers without the use of fillers, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. This bread doesn't just look like a full loaf of bread, but feels, smells and tastes like regular bread. The oat fiber and flax-seed give it a wholegrain feel and taste. Enjoy it with your favorite meats and cheeses to make sandwiches or use as a side dish.

This "Original" Keto Yeast Bread only has 1 Net gram of carbs per slice. 90 Calories, 3.5 g Fat, 12 g of Protein and 6g of Fiber.

Enjoy a full slice of bread that is healthy, delicious and satisfying.