Panarese Pici Pasta

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Do you love traditional food? Then you must try this classic Tuscan dish: Pici pasta made with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina from Val d’Orcia using traditional methods: bronze drawing and slow drying at a low temperature.

Prepare this pasta with breadcrumbs or “all’aglione”, with tomato and garlic; two classic Tuscan recipes from the farming tradition: simple but tasty. When you have top quality pasta, all you need is a simple sauce.

The Panarese family is the protagonist of the story we are about to tel. In this land many people work hard day after day, following our most ancient traditions. The Panarese family own extensive land in Val d’Orcia, in that wonderful area where excellent quality durum wheat is grown. Proud of the short production chain, the family use this wheat to produce their distinctive range: pasta from the Pastificio Toscano.
And this is how the work they love becomes a mirror for Tuscan tradition, but above all for future progress, because the Pastificio is destined to be a landmark product in an outstanding culture. Pasta Panarese is made using traditional technology: bronze drawn and dried slowly at low temperature.
The bronze die method gives the pasta a rough and uneven texture that allows greater penetration by cooking in water and better adherence by sauces.
Slow drying at low temperature (up to twenty-six hours at temperatures below 50°C) allows the organoleptic and taste characteristics of the starches and gluten to be preserved practically intact, avoiding early cooking and the “evaporation” of proteins and nutritional substances (unlike industrial methods, in which very high temperatures – up to 110°C – and short drying times – no more than two hours – result in an evenly-coloured product with little flavour and a “polished” surface that hampers water penetration.)
Besides traditional and organic pasta, the Panarese family also produces an assortment of Tuscan food and wine specialities ranging from condiments to pecorino cheese, honeys, olive oils and jams.
Durum wheat, semolina, water. Contains gluten. May contain traces of eggs.