OneLight Firestarter

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VENDOR: OneLight



All-in-one Fire Starter. Each fire starter will light a fire without kindling or paper so you can pay attention to more important things.

Works well in woodstoves, fireplaces, open fires.

OneLight fire starter will start your fire in minutes without kindling and is built with 99% recycled materials that are diverted from the waste stream. OneLight is a social entrprise created in 2020 with a vision for inclusive employment in manufacturing with the added goal of creating products made from recycled materials. Our fire starter is handmade with recycled untreated lumber, paper rolls, candle wax, and a wick.

Step 1:
Light both wicks on either end of the OneLight fire starter and place between firewood.

Step 2:
Add more firewood on top and watch your fire light in minutes.

Burns 15minutes
Made Locally