Murgella Burrata di Puglia

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200 g
Burrata is a fresh and stretched-curd cheese with a very soft and creamy texture. It comes from the province of Bari, where it has been produced since the very first decades of the Nineteenth century, and it’s one of the most traditional regional products.Burrata di Puglia has been produced manually by filling its outer shell with a creamy mix of mozzarella and cream, also known as stracciatella. After that, the smooth pouch-looking burrata is left to cool down and is then ready for packaging. Burrata di Puglia looks like a smooth and white sphere, with a creamy and soft heart.

Murgella’s Burrata won the Gold Medal at the prestigious international World Cheese Awards in 2010 in Birmingham, by being first in its category.The best way to taste and enjoy the soft flavour of Burrata is to consume it as it is, or with some fresh extra virgin olive oil and some leaves of basil on top of that.At the same time, burrata di Puglia is also a perfect ingredient for all sorts of culinary experiments, including some tasty and unique entry dishes to enjoy at any time. For example, burrata di Puglia is perfect on top of a crispy and flagrant bruschetta. For someone looking for a sweeter and unique flavours, our burrata can be paired with some fruits, including figs, strawberries and other types of berries. You will be surprised at how interesting this combination will be! Because of the absence of animal rennet, our burrata di Puglia has been certified as a vegetarian product by the Associazione Vegetariana Italiana (Italian Vegetarian Association).