Loison Panettone Genesi Classic

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Beautifully wrapped, this is the artisinal version of the Loison Panettone. Each ingredient is sourced directly from its place of origin. A light, fluffy, and festive Christmas classic.

Traditional Panettone with raisins, orange and citron. The yellow dough is enriched with orange peel from Sicily, citron from Calabria and Sultan raisin; with Vanilla Mananara from Madagascar.

Our Classico a.D. 1476 variety of Panettone combines lightness with goodness: its soft and fragrant sponge is full of candied peel of oranges from Sicily and citrons from Diamante, Calabria. Our craft Panettone is further enriched with the best and sweetest sultana raisins and is flavored with Mananara vanilla from Madagascar (a Slow Food Presidium). This classic flavor is the one that best represents our baking tradition.