Tiberino Genovese Linguine with Pesto


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Linguini with basil pesto sauce is a traditional recipe from the city of Genova in the north-west of Italy, but is loved today everywhere in Italy and around the world.

Thanks to basil and whole pine-nuts, Linguine al pesto is a fresh tasty dish, just add grated vegan cheese and olive oil for the perfect finishing touches to bring a taste of Italy to your dinner table.

Hand-crafted with simple, high-quality fresh ingredients, there has never been an easier way to make a straight-from-Sicily style pasta dinner in less than 20 minutes. The only other ingredient you need is your favorite olive oil, a pan or skillet, and 12 minutes of cooking time before you'll be enjoying THE best packaged Italian pasta dishes you'll ever enjoy.

Ingredients: Pasta (durum wheat semolina, water), basil, vegetable broth (sea salt, onion, porcini mushrooms, carrot, extra virgin olive oil, leek, parsley, ground celery seeds, garlic), pine nuts, garlic