Jerseyland Organics 5% Strawberry Yogurt

Jerseyland Organics


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750 g

More than 20 years ago, Jerseyland became BC’s first organic dairy and cheese and yogurt producer. Today, Jerseyland Organics’ wholesome milk, cheese, sour cream and yogurt are made from 100% certified organic jersey milk that comes from their own herd of cows. Family owned and operated in Grand Forks, BC, Jerseyland is also known for its stewardship of farm land and the treatment of animals.

Like all Jerseyland products, our yogurt is made on the farm, from whole Jersey milk, eliminating the need of thickeners or emulsifiers. This non-homogenized product has a cream layer on the top that can be stirred in to achieve a rich creamy texture. Our yogurt is probotic, loaded with beneficial bacteria. Taste the difference of natural Jersey goodness.