Fieschi Jam for Cheese IGP

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Spicy Fig Mousse
Spicy Citrus Mousse

Spicy fig mousse : obtained from finely shredded candied fruit, a process that allows the mustard to be retained more and therefore decidedly "stronger" on the palate.

Contains 70% fruit and does not contain dyes, preservatives or GMOs. It goes well with cheeses. Ideal with spicy Gorgonzola, Roquefort, aged Pecorino.

Spicy Citrus Mousse: obtained from finely chopped candied fruit. processing that allows you to retain the mustard more and therefore to arrive decidedly "stronger" on the palate. It contains 70% fruit and does not contain dyes, preservatives or GMOs. even the mousse will allow you to create the most imaginative combinations with cheeses and cured meats. Ideal with Ricotta, Mascarpone cheese, Robiola, also bitter dark chocolate.

Ugusto Fieschi. passionate connoisseur of the centuries-old Cremonese gastronomic traditions. he began in 1867 to produce nougat. mustard and typical sweets using only carefully selected and excellent quality ingredients. Since then, the company's objectives have remained unchanged: to research and rediscover the taste of our food tradition by re-proposing it in products of the highest level that have long distinguished the “Fieschi Style”. The many awards obtained both in Italy and abroad encourage us to continue on this path and to reciprocate the trust and loyalty of our ever-growing clientele with passion and commitment.


Candied figs (figs, sucrose, glucose syrup, potassium sorbate, sulfur dioxide, glucose syrup, mustard.

Candied clementines 60%, sugar, glucose syrup, mustard flavoring . preservatives: potassium sorbate (e202), sulfur dioxide (e220) as residue. Gluten free.