Condorelli Pistachio Cream



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190 g

One of the finest and greatest products you have tasted in the last times. Delicious cream made with pistachios perfect with cakes, crepes, croissants, or just spread on the bread. You will easily forget about other creams…30% Pistachio

This sweet spread without coloring and with olive oil is simply sublime, irreplaceable, a travel companion, practically the essence of pistachio sweetness. Particularly recommended for lovers of real pistachios, but also a simple and tasty gift idea. Spread on a piece of hot bread or eat spoon by spoon to enjoy its purity.

Condorelli company born in 1933 in the province of Catania, in Belpasso a small city of Sicily, in the south of Italy. The company makes confectionery products with the best local raw materials and using traditional recipes. The Condorelli’s production is characterized by many products: nougats, chocolate, almond and pistachios, all made with quality raw materials such as Sicilian Almonds, Bronte pistachio d.o.p. and the Honey of Zafferana Etnea.