Babz Breakfast Sausage Meat Alternative

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300 g

Babz is a family-owned food manufacturer in Kelowna, BC. They create low-carb, plant-based seed & grain mixes with raw, whole foods. 

A plant-based meat alternative Breakfast Sausage Mix will have you asking yourself, “where have you been my whole life?”.

Just add water (or maybe apple juice?), stir. Let sit for 10 minutes or overnight, refrigerated. Fry as a crumble and add to omelets or wraps.

Shape into a patty and make a breakfast sandwich. Shape into a sausage and make English bangers and mash!

Add to omelets, burritos or shape into a patty for or for holiday meals, make as a crumble. 

A delicious way to start your day.

Our Breakfast Sausage Mix has all the flavour you want for your vegan lifestyle.